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Nutrition for Marathon Running

Jane Griffin

Nutrition for Marathon Running describes how the "running body" works and explains why performance in a marathon is so highly influenced by what a runner eats and drinks. The special dietary requirements of vegetarians, females, veterans, and diabetic runners are all covered, as is information about running in hot and cold climates. By the end of the book, readers should be in no doubt just how important diet is in the training for, and running of, a marathon.

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Nutrition for Sport and Exercise

Marie Dunford, J. Andrew Doyle

Insightful, well-organized, and clearly written, NUTRITION FOR SPORT AND EXERCISE, 2nd Edition integrates nutrition and exercise physiology principles, emphasizing scientific reasoning and examining research studies to illuminate the evidence for current nutritional recommendations. In addition, the text helps you translate these nutrition recommendations to specific plans for the appropriate amount and type of foods, beverages, and/or supplements to support training, performance, and recovery. The authors carefully illustrate the links between exercise, nutrition, and, the ultimate goals, optimal performance and health.

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Nutrition for the Track & Field and Cross Country Athlete (DVD)

Nutrition for the Track & Field and Cross Country Athlete examines the USDA food pyramid and addresses whether many aspects of it offer the most appropriate approach to achieve and maintain the desired level of health in both athletes and non-athletes alike. The DVD then details a newer approach the Harvard Medical School food pyramid as an alternative, healthier nutrition model. The DVD is especially useful for coaches who deal with athletes suffering from eating disorders and also offers healthy options for eating, including what to eat prior to and during competition.

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Peak Performance: Training and Nutritional Strategies for Sport

John Hawley, Dr John Hawley, Louise Burke

This is a text for coaches and athletes who want to improve their sporting performance via the application of scientific training and nutritional principles. It gives detailed, practical information on the principles of physical conditioning, and how these relate to explosive events (such as sprinting), endurance events (such as the Ironman triathlon) and team sports (such as rugby and soccer). A chapter on competition preparation has been included ("Getting it right on the day"), as well as an appraisal of scientific aids for athletes (heart rate monitors, altitude training, warm up and warm down, drafting and pacing, and hill training). The book includes contributions from leading coaches, who reveal the secrets to success in their events, and also look at what the future holds for athletes in the year 2008.

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Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance

Matt Fitzgerald

Racing Weight is a proven weight-management program designed specifically for endurance athletes.

Revealing new research and drawing from the best practices of elite athletes, coach and nutritionist Matt Fitzgerald lays out six easy steps to help cyclists, triathletes, and runners lose weight without harming their training.

This comprehensive and science-based program shows athletes the best ways to lose weight and avoid the common lifestyle and training hang-ups that keep new PRs out of reach.

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Runner's World Performance Nutrition for Runners

Matt Fitzgerald

This newest addition to the heralded Runner’s World series offers runners up-to-date nutrition advice based on the latest science

Runners have different nutrition and recovery needs than other endurance athletes. Yet until now, they’ve had no nutritional resource specifically addressing their concerns.

This comprehensive guide distills the newest thinking in the science of exercise nutrition into practical, hands-on tips that will help runners stay healthy, recover faster, enjoy better workouts, and race successfully.

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Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes

Monique Ryan

Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes makes high-performance nutrition simple for running, cycling, triathlon, and swimming. Weighing in at 432 pages, this newly updated third edition is the most comprehensive resource on nutrition from the most experienced and highly qualified nutritionist in endurance sports.

Ryan offers clear answers to the most fundamental questions in endurance sports nutrition—what should I eat, how much, and when—based on the latest research and experience from her 30-year career advising elite and age-group athletes and pro sports teams. She offers fine-tuning strategies for training and racing, optimal recovery, weight loss, and boosting strength-to-weight ratio. Citing rigorous and reputable studies, Ryan busts myths about ergogenic aids and supplements and offers a dose of reality to practices like fat loading and glycogen-depleted workouts.

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