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A World History of Throwing Events

Roberto Quercetani

"A world history of the Throwing Events" is the latest volume from the renowned and respected historian and journalist, Roberto L. Quercetani. This prolific author with his great dedication to and love for our sport has been progressively focussing on the various categories of event disciplines, describing in even greater detail the stories and stars first captured in his authoritative, all-event- encompassing publication 'ATHLETICS - A history of Modern Track and Field Athletics'. As with all of Quercetani's previous historical surveys of the Olympics' number one sport,he has again deftly managed to place the progression and development of the throwing events within their rightful cultural and historical context. This publication reminds us of the triumphant deeds of legends such as Didriksen, O'Brien, O'Callaghan, Oerter, Sedykh, Zelezny, Zybina to name but a few, which have ensured that the excitement, drama and ever present danger of the throwing events has captured the imagination of athletics fans worldwide throughout the decades.

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Complete Book of Throws

Jay Silvester

From the basic biomechanics of throwing to in-depth information on the discus, javelin, hammer, and shot put, Complete Book of Throws brings it all together to improve your techniques—and your distance!

Complete Book of Throws takes the techniques and conditioning programs of the most accomplished coaches in each event and presents them in a way that athletes can understand and coaches can adapt to create a winning program. Whether you're just starting out in the event or preparing your team for competition at the highest level, you'll find the conditioning and training specifics you need to strength your body, improve your form, and push your performance to the edge.

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The Complete Track and Field Coaches' Guide to Conditioning for the Throwing Events

Larry Judge

The Complete Track and Field Coaches' Guide to Conditioning for the Throwing Events will put you on the path to make steady improvement in throwing. This informative book with bonus 107-minute DVD is ideal for coaches and athletes at all levels of play.Chapters include: Important Concepts in Exercise Science, Strength Development at the Track, Developing Special Strength and Speed in the Ring, Developing a Resistance-Training Program, Chronic and Acute Variables, Resistance-Training Program Design, Detection, Prevention, and Treatment of Injuries, Nutrition and Ergogenic Aids, Putting a Training Program Together, and Psychological Preparation: Getting Into the Flow. The book also includes an appendix with sample training programs and a glossary of throws training terminology. Large format with dozens of diagrams and illustrations.

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Track and Field Made Understandable: The Throwing Events

Michael J Pellet, Erik Rokeach

This is written to provide you with the best information out there, and is condensed in a no nonsense or frills book. The object is to have the book easy to read and understand, or else what good is it for you? This book can be used as a beginning reference point in order to further your own throwing career or to start off as a first time coach wondering what to do. Each chapter in the book will explain the reasoning behind the technique, drill or instruction, so that you may use it at your next practice. While reading the book you will gain knowledge in testing, lifting, preseason planning, drills, technique, meet information and other valuable resources. In each chapter you will find tables and pictures to help you visualize the topics that are being discussed as well as the drills.

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