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101 High Jump Drills

Cliff Rovelto, Gwen Wentland

Anyone who is interested in the high jump event, or is interested in teaching and coaching others, or is wishing to jump higher themselves, is encouraged to read 101 High Jump Drills and incorporate these great ideas, approaches, and drills into their own training and practice sessions. Both you and your athletes will be pleased that you did. The chapters included in this book cover every stage and necessary step regarding the high jump, including warm-up drills, approach drills, takeoff mechanism drills, bar-clearance drills, special strength exercises, more exercises with weight, plyometric exercises, drills with hurdles, drills with balance apparatus, and supplemental exercises.

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Complete Book of Jumps

Ed Jacoby, Bob Fraley

Field event coaches Ed Jacoby and Bob Fraley have worked with many world-class and Olympic jumpers. In Complete Book of Jumps, they draw on their combined 60 years of coaching experience to help track and field athletes at all levels of competition improve their jumping technique, training, and performance.

The book features clear instruction combined with detailed illustrations for these 4 jumping events: long jump, triple jump, high jump, and pole vault.

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Jumping into Plyometrics

Donald A. Chu

First practiced by the dominant Eastern Bloc athletes of the 1970s, today plyometrics has become a mainstream form of training used by serious athletes around the world. The reason is that plyometrics offers athletes at all levels a proven, straightforward way to enhance their athletic abilities and to get an edge on the competition.

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Alan Tyson, Ben Cook

Improve your jump performance, power, and technique! Jumpmetrics is the complete program that will give you an edge in any sport involving quick first steps, cuts, and especially jumps.

Jumpmetrics contains a series of functional tests that will measure your ability to move and react and help you determine the best starting point for your training in the programs presented. The detailed programs are broken into three levels. At each level, you'll find 12- to 16-week programs to boost you to new heights of performance.

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The Horizontal Jumps: Planning for Long Term Development

Nick Newman MS

A comprehensive insight into how to develop the Horizontal Jumper. Detailing every aspect of long term preparation, training periodization, technical guidelines, and much more.

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Winning Jumps and Pole Vault

Ed Jacoby

The world's top track and field coaches. The world's top track and field resource.

Long jump, triple jump, high jump, and pole vault. From techniques and training to strategy and mental preparation, Winning Jumps and Pole Vault is the only book that covers it all.

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