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High Performance Sprinting

Mike Smith

Speed, and how it can be increased, is of prime importance in all sport and, in its purest athletic form, speed is synonymous with sprinting. In this clearly written, well-illustrated, and comprehensive book, the author offers practical advice on the many crucial factors that need to be taken into account in order to maximize the sprinter’s performance. Consideration is given to the development of detailed training programs involving both the lightning pace of the 100m and 200m and the more controlled pace of the 400m.

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So You Want to be a Sprinter

Bud Winter

The original two versions (1956, 1973) written by Bud Winter famous coach of the San Jose State Spartan track and field teams from 1941 to 1974 , were used to train many Olympic medalists and dozens of world record holders. The new 2010 edition combines the best of both versions, and includes detailed training plans for full time year 'round athletes, and one for multi-sport athletes beginning training in January.

The training plans and techniques illustrated in this book were used by Olympic medal winners and World Record holders, Ray Norton, Bob Poynter, Dennis Johnson, Tommie Smith, John Carlos, Lee Evans, Ronnie Rae Smith, just some of the 37 world record holders coached by Bud Winter.

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Sports Speed

Robert D. Ward, George B. Dintiman, Bob Ward

Reach your playing speed potential! As an athlete or coach who knows that faster is better, you'll appreciate the advice offered in Sports Speed.

With all-new techniques and drills to improve your straight-ahead and multidirectional speed, Sports Speed will help you improve your ability to start, stop, change direction, and accelerate, taking your performance to the next level.

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Sprint and Hurdle Training Methods

Richard W. Ross

Coach Ross' astounding book is a complete guide to sprint and hurdle training based on scientific research and over 40 years coaching experience. Discover methods used by the most advanced sprint and hurdle coaches to develope speed, speed-endurance, mobility and technical skills necessary for high level performance in the sprints and hurdles. "Sprint and Hurdle Training Methods" includes a fool proof method for teaching hurdle technique and racing rhythm, Ross' amazing "Minimalist Approach” to year round sprint and hurdle training, a speed development strength training protocol, detailed examples of periodized sprint and hurdle training plans, unique sprint and hurdle drills and exercises designed to make sprinters and hurdlers faster than they ever thought they could be. You will learn workouts that develop pure speed and speed-endurance simultaneously without using tiresome over-distance runs, as well as an easy to use method for calculating recovery intervals between high intensity speed training repetitions. Sprint starts and relay exchange methods are thoroughly covered as well and much, much more. "Sprint and Hurdle Training Methods" goes beyond content included in current sprint and hurdle coaching certification programs. "Sprint and Hurdle Training Methods" is a must have for all sprint and hurdle coaches and athletes!

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The Art of Sprinting: Techniques for Speed and Performance

Warren Doscher

Probably the oldest sport of humankind, sprinting benefits from a wealth of scientific and experiential information. Appropriate for runners of all levels of ability, this book provides the reader with techniques to reach the next level in their sprinting development. Line drawings illustrate the techniques discussed. Throughout, the author concentrates on practical methods to improve the individual runner's performance, with remarkably detailed information on everything from warming up to the post-race routine, including the start, stride, how the foot meets the track, the arm/leg connection, angle of lean through the curve, and more.

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The Rocket Sprint Start

Bud Winter, Jimson Lee

In 1964, Bud Winter published The Rocket Sprint Start, based on Armin Hary of Germany winning the 100 meters at the 1960 Olympic Games.

A careful film analysis of Armin Hary's form, taken from slow motion pictures, revealed seven ways in which his form differed from the rest of the sprinters. In each case they were all a definite contribution toward faster block clearance and faster pickup.

Bud Winter pioneered modern Track and Field, while creating the "Science of Sprinting" with his thorough, step by step detailed analysis and scientific studies.

Almost 50 years later, The Rocket Sprint Start book has been revised for the new millennium

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