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Fitness Walking

Therese Iknoian

Add structure and variety to your walks with specific programs and 60 workouts to use on your path to improved fitness and health. Fitness Walking offers a full menu of walks from which you can choose the duration, distance, speed, and nature of the walk you prefer each day while staying on track to meet your overall fitness goals.

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Race Walk Clinic in a Book

Jeff Salvage, Tim Seaman

America’s premier team of clinicians Jeff Salvage and Tim Seaman’s Race Walk Clinic — in a Book beautifully illustrates textbook techniques while it catalogs typical mistakes race walkers make that can rob them of a legal race and speed. It explains why these problems exist and prescribes critical solutions to correct them. If you are ready to improve your race walking style and step up to the next level, then pick up Race Walk Clinic - in a Book today

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Race Walk Faster by Training Smarter

Tim Seaman, Jeff Salvage

Race Walk Faster by Training Smarter is for the countless coaches who say they do not know how to coach race walking, and for every athlete interested in training for our great event. Our previous texts, Race Walk Clinic - in a Book and Race Walk like a Champion, explain the techniques of race walking, and the latter text contains a general overview chapter on how to train. However, that chapter alone is not enough to completely develop a systematic training schedule suited to your specific situation. The needs of youth, high school, collegiate, elite, and masters athletes vary based on physiology and racing schedules, and one chapter cannot cover all of these intricacies. Race Walk Faster by Training Smarter is an entire book devoted to training.

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Race Walk Like A Champion

Jeff Salvage

Racewalk Like a Champion is the single best compilation of information on the technique, training, and history of race walking. It combines approximately 400 photographs with charts and diagrams to explain every detail of race walking. Never before has race walking been covered with such complete, aesthetically pleasing detail. Racewalk Like a Champion starts with a thorough explanation of how to select race walking shoes and warm up; then describes every aspect of race walking technique, judging, and training philosophy in extensive detail. Other chapters include stretching, racing, strength training, mental preparation, injury treatment, and nutrition. Racewalk Like a Champion also includes a comprehensive chapter on the history of American race walking. Race Walk Like a Champion assumes no prior walking experience or knowledge. Whether you are a novice race walker or an elite competitor, Racewalk Like a Champion will provide all the information you need.

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The Complete Guide to Racewalking: Technique and Training

Dave McGovern

The Complete Guide to Racewalk Technique and Training distills 20 years of accumulated racewalking knowledge into a single source -- a complete reference for anyone wanting to walk faster and more legally. Although this book is no substitute for good one-on-one coaching, the easy-to-understand technique tips and common-sense approach to training are a great resource for the coached and self-coached racewalkers alike

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Walking Fast

Therese Iknoian

Are you an avid walker looking to take the activity to the next level? Perhaps you're a runner who wants to find a way to end aching joints and muscles without giving up great, heart-pounding workouts. Or, maybe you're a cross-trainer in search of a new, low-impact workout that will burn calories and improve your fitness level.

If you're serious about fitness and seeking a better way to workout, then Walking Fast is for you. This complete guide provides all the building blocks to get started on a fast walking program, and it contains easy-to-apply science that accomplished walkers can use to reach a new level of performance

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