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Coaching Cross Country Successfully

Pat Tyson, Doug Binder

In Coaching Cross Country Successfully, Pat Tyson shares his secrets to building one of today’s elite cross country programs. While there are many instruction books on running, only Coaching Cross Country Successfully provides a blueprint to building a successful team.

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Coaching High School Track & Field: High Jump (DVD)

Will Freeman, Grinnell College Head Track & Field and Cross Country Coach; former Chairman of USA Track & Field Coaching Education In High Jump, Will Freeman begins with a look at how to determine which athletes are likely to become good high jumpers. He then provides a technical overview of the high jump progressing through the following segments: The Approach, Preparation for Takeoff, Arm Action into Takeoff (single and double arm), Penultimate Step Mechanics, Practicing the Penultimate Step, Takeoff Mechanics, Flight Mechanics and Error Correction. In addition, Freeman spells out a detailed training regiment including the Warm-up, Acceleration Speed, Lifting, Core Strength, General Strength Routines, Pillar Routines, Strength Routines, Medicine Ball Routines, Multi-Jump Exercises and High Jump-specific Drills. For each of these training inventories, Freeman offers detailed routines and drill progressions that you can easily implement into your program. 91 minutes.

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Coaching High School Track & Field: Triple Jump (DVD)

Will Freeman, Grinnell College Head Track & Field and Cross Country Coach; former Chairman of USA Track & Field Coaching Education After a thoughtful presentation of "triple jumper characteristics," and how to identify the right athletes for this event, Freeman offers a detailed technical breakdown of the six phases of the triple jump. These include the: Approach, Takeoff Mechanics, The Hop, The Step, The Jump and The Landing. With instruction on specific areas to watch, Freeman shows you how to spot common errors and how to suggest the athlete make the necessary corrections. Next he offers a list of the critical training elements for developing the triple jumper. Included with each element is a complete list of routines. Freeman explains how often to use these routines and which days to work them into the weekly training schedule. This leads right into the 12-15 week "Macrocycle" (Seasonal training plan), which he uses to break the high school season into three distinct seasonal segments. Freeman details the appropriate workload for each training segment and offers weekly and daily practice session breakdowns for each. Freeman's workout plans include suggested workloads, and recovery, and how to incorporate meets into your workout planning. Freeman concludes this presentation with a film analysis utilizing meet footage for a detailed look at the event. 72 minutes.

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Coaching Track & Field Successfully

Mark Guthrie

When it comes to building a top-notch track and field program, performance is only part of the picture. From training and motivation on the field to planning and organizing behind the scenes, Coaching Track & Field Successfully offers a comprehensive guide to getting your program up to speed.

Season planning. Event coaching. Meet preparation. Postmeet analysis. Athlete–coach communication. This book covers all the issues a coach must effectively address in building and maintaining a championship program. How do you motivate players? What's your philosophy of coaching? How can you communicate your vision to athletes, parents, and critical members of the coaching team? With Coaching Track & Field Successfully, you'll learn all of that and much more from someone who's been through it all.

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Coaching Youth Track & Field

American Sport Education Program

Coaching Youth Track & Field stresses fun, safety, and effective instruction, helping you create an environment that promotes learning, encourages a love of the sport, and motivates your athletes to come out year after year.

Numerous coaching books present the skills, drills, and activities of track and field. But here's a book that teaches you how to convey those skills to your athletes in an engaging and positive manner.

Written by the American Sport Education Program (ASEP) in conjunction with Matt Lydum and other experts from Hershey's Track & Field Games and USA Track & Field (USATF), Coaching Youth Track & Field is the only resource available today aimed at coaches of athletes ages 14 and under.

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The Youth and Teen Running Encyclopedia

Mick Grant, John Molvar

The Youth and Teen Running Encyclopedia is the first ever complete guide for middle and long distance runners ages 6 to 18, their coaches and parents. It shows the proven formula of Mick Grant, who produced Hershey's North American Final qualifiers 12 consecutive years, multiple Footlocker Finalists and National Champions several years in a row, including Hershey's North American Final, USATF Junior Olympics, USATF Youth Athletics Nationals and National Scholastic Indoor Championships. All this from a group of ordinary local kids, near Mick's home in Northeast Massachusetts. The book lays out in detail how youth and teen athletes can achieve successively higher levels, year after year after year, following the proven success of Mick's training program. What differentiates this program and this book from other programs and books is that it is a unique blend of building endurance and improving basic speed throughout the year, so that the athlete is much better next year than they are this year. The program uses a FUN FIRST approach, making sure the athletes enjoy what they are doing and stay healthy, to allow consistent training. It is the first such book to cover every topic imaginable for the youth and teen middle to long distance runner, jammed packed with almost 200 pages of vital information. This book is a must read for all youth runners age 6 to 18, and anyone helping youth runners starting on the way to a lifelong enjoyment of running, and a successful running career. While this book is geared to youth runners, it is a valuable resource to all middle and long distance runners and coaches, regardless of age or level, because the same basic principles apply to all middle and long distance events.

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Track & Field Coach's Survival Guide

Edward L., Jr. Wallace

This comprehensive, practical resource provides practical tools for building effective programs and winning teams. Written by a coach with over 30 years' experience, the Guide provides tested techniques and strategies with scores of drawings and photos. Over 100 reproducible letters, forms, diagrams, and training schedules are also included.

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USA Track & Field Coaching Manual

USA Track & Field

The USA Track & Field Coaching Manual is the official coaching guide of the sport's national governing body. The manual covers every major event and includes comprehensive, ready-to-apply information from 33 leading American coaches and experts. This book is the most complete and useful track and field coaching resource available today.

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